Company Profile

Business Activities of MJS

Business for accounting firms and their client companies

MJS provides tax accountant and CPA firms and their client companies with all kinds of products and services.

MJS provides them with products and services to support for client companies rationally and efficiently and also builds optimum system environment at accounting firms.

MJS provides client companies of accounting firms with products and maintenance services. The products are system for accounting firms and data-compatible financial accounting systems.

Currently, there are about 32,000 tax accountant and CPA firms in Japan and many of these are private business owners with less than 10 employees. Each firm has an average of 63 client companies and offers client companies support services as follows.

·Tax service (exclusive business of tax accountant)…Preparation of tax documents, tax agency business, tax consultation, etc.
·Account processing service…Bookkeeping agency business, self-accounting guidance, preparation of financial statements, etc.
·Management guidance service…Cash management measures, management analysis, formulation of management plan, etc.
·Others…IT support, provision of management information, etc.

MJS has 8,400 accounting firm users and has a 25% market share. Strengthening partnerships with tax accountant and CPA firms enables MJS to approach about their 500 thousand client companies and MJS monopolizes a big potential market.

MJS develops business based on the mission of "contributing to the development of small/mid-sized companies together with tax accountant and CPA firms."

Business for Small/Mid-Sized Companies

MJS develops a solution business for small/mid-sized companies using ERP system with financial and accounting systems at the core. Specifically, MJS provides a one-stop solution extending from consulting to solve customers′ management issues, selection of hardware, introduction of ERP system, building of network and information infrastructures to after-sales services after the systems are introduced.

Currently, MJS has 17,000 small/mid-sized company users.

Mid-sized companies: Annual sales of 5 billion yen to 50 billion yen

The ERP system "Galileopt NX-Plus" targeting mid-sized companies is a management system with "finance" at the core. "Galileopt NX-Plus" realizes advanced management plan and management analysis by linking various front-office system (personal affairs, salary, sales management, asset management) data focusing on finance module.

Small/mid-sized companies: Annual sales of 500 million yen to 5 billion yen

"MJSLINK NX-Plus" targeting small/mid-sized companies is an ERP system which is low in cost and capable of introducing and operating in a short period of time. "MJSLINK NX-Plus" is a component system centered on a basic system that manages financial, salary and sales information. Therefore, "MJSLINK NX-Plus" will provide companies with choices on functions of optional systems to suit their industry sectors and needs. As a result, companies will realized cost effective investment and can build their own management information control systems.