Company Profile

MJS Market, Products and Services

MJS Market

MJS provides systems and services to two markets. One is accounting firms and their client companies. Another is small/mid-sized companies.

MJS Market

Major Products and Services of MJS

* Software applications (Accounting and financial, HR management, ERPsystems etc)
  - 〖ACELINK NX-Pro〗 for tax accountant / CPA firms
  - 〖MJSLINK NX-Plus〗, 〖Galileopt NX-Plus〗 for small/mid-sized corporations

* Installation support services (includes Hardware installation)

* Software and Hardware support and maintenance services
  - 〖TVS〗 for tax accountant / CPA firms
  - 〖GOODWILL PLUS〗 for small/mid-sized corporations

* Advisory/Training services on the usage of products

* Hardware and Supplies (includes computers, PCservers, toners, etc)