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Hiroki Koreeda

We are promoting our customers′ management innovation by creating new value.


I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our shareholders and investors for honouring us with your constant and valued support.

The MJS Group supports the initiatives taken by our customers, who are accounting offices and a small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located across Japan, to improve their management and operations by providing them with management systems and know-how as well as management data and information services. Moreover, we strive to develop and market high-quality products and services. We also provide customer support tailored to the specific local needs of our customers through our nationwide network of 31 sales and support facilities.

The MJS Group has developed a Medium-to-long-term Management Vision spanning a six-year period from FY2011 to FY2016 with the aim of achieving sustainable, long-term growth and the ability to deal with a rapidly changing operating environment.

〈 Medium-to-long-term Management Vision 〉

The MJS Group promotes management innovation for our customers by adapting to technical innovation on the internet and evolving to deal with a changing business environment and adopting our customers′ viewpoint to provide them with new value (in management systems, management know-how, and management information services) to satisfy them.

— Supporting IT transformation , and promoting growth at SMEs —

Within our Medium-to-long term Management Vision, the 2nd Medium term Management Plan (FY2011 - FY2013) aims, in tandem with continuous efforts to ‘establish a stable earnings foundation′, to ‘create the management and technical bases required for dealing with changes in the operating environment′. At present, we are making initial preparations to meet the various challenges we are encountering in realizing our 2nd Medium term Management Plan by enriching our product and service line-up, radically reforming our development and marketing structures and reinforcing the strength of our workforce.
Moreover, in our 3rd Medium term Management Plan (FY2014 - FY2016) we aim to further increase our corporate value by achieving rapid growth by ‘challenging the creation of new value′.

The MJS Group is challenging the creation of its own proprietary new value by adopting our customers′ viewpoint so that we can continue to support accounting offices and SMEs across Japan in their efforts to improve their management.

I hope to continue to have the honour of receiving your support in the future for our efforts to increase the value of our company through customer-based management principles.

Hiroki Koreeda,
Chief Executive Officer, President