Management Policy

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MJS creates new value and helps customers facilitate innovations in their management processes.


Hiroki KoreedaI wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our shareholders and investors for your continued support.

The MJS Group provides management systems, management expertise and management information services to accounting offices and small- and medium-sized companies nationwide to support their initiatives for improving their management and operations. We also undertake the development and sale of high-quality products and services while simultaneously providing customer support services tailored to the specific local needs of our customers through our nationwide network of 31 sales and support facilities.

The MJS Group has been working hard to further expand its existing businesses and establish new earnings bases by bolstering new businesses under the slogan of "taking on challenges for the creation of new value".

Looking ahead to fiscal 2020, we will proceed with business structural reforms to move to a new growth phase and seek to maximize business synergies through strategic investments in growth areas including FinTech, among other areas, thereby ensuring that the MJS Group achieves significant growth and continues to enhance its corporate value.

The MJS Group continues to help accounting offices and small- and medium-sized companies nationwide in an effort to improve their management processes. With this in mind, it seeks to take on challenges proactively for the creation of new and customer-oriented value originating from the Group.

Going forward, the MJS Group is determined to spare no efforts for the implementation of customer-focused management. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Hiroki Koreeda,
Chief Executive Officer, President