Management Policy

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MJS will establish new business models to serve our small/mid-sized companies clients, working together for growth.


Hiroki KoreedaWith an expanding global economy, advances in technology such as AI and the trends of aging population and low birth rate, the environment surrounding our business has entered a major transition period. Demands are being placed on corporate management to build new business models and produce innovations, and not simply relying on successful practices in the past.

Since its founding, MJS has been developing technologies and know-how in management information system as a leading company in finance and accounting areas. By further refining its expertise and strengthening its partnership with tax accountant and CPA firms and local financial institutions, it will resolutely work to create products and services for future generations.

Whatever the prevailing conditions, all of us at MJS have one desire: to support the management of tax accountant and CPA firms and small/mid-sized companies and contribute to their development. With that in mind, MJS will never stop moving forward and will grow together with our clients.

We hope that you will continue to support the MJS Group going forward.

Hiroki Koreeda,
Chief Executive Officer, President