Strengths of MJS

1.The Vision 2025 Medium-term Management Plan (FY2020~FY2025)

Amid the rapid progress in digitalization during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company has formulated Vision 2025, its medium-term management plan to enable the existing ERP business to evolve, create innovative business models, and innovate in new businesses. Under this plan, the Company will strive to continuously improve the MJS Group’s corporate value.

2.Overview of the Vision 2025 Medium-term Management Plan: Management Policies and Vision

3.Management Objectives for Fiscal 2025

4.Basic Strategies under the Medium-Term Management Plan

  1. Strategy to Be No.1 in Accounting Firm Network
    1. Providing accounting firms with management guidance and management support solutions for client companies
  2. Strategy for Comprehensive Solution Business Targeting Midsize Companies and Smaller Enterprises
    1. Improving consulting capabilities for helping customers solve their issues continuously and comprehensively
    2. Improving solution capabilities by enhancing the AI functions of mainstay ERP products and strengthening API coordination with external products, and providing broad support for the DX of customers’ operations by strengthening partnerships and cooperating with external parties
    3. Accelerating conversion of mainstay ERP products into cloud-based ones
  3. Integrated DX Platform Strategy (New Business Area)
    1. Enabling four DXs, which will be needed in the post-COVID-19 era, simultaneously on the platform
    2. Enabling four DXs, which will be needed in the post-COVID-19 era, simultaneously on the platform
  4. Shift to Cloud-based and Subscription-Based Business Models
    1. Maximizing clients’ benefits by shifting to cloud computing and subscription-based models, so as to build sustainable relationships
    2. Converting business models and improving profitability by shifting to cloud computing and subscription-based models
  5. Promoting Independent Growth of Group Companies by Strengthening Group Cooperation
    1. Optimizing the Group’s operating structure by strengthening the synergy that enables Group companies to aim for independent growth
  6. Strengthening Human Resources and the Management Foundation for Accelerating the Achievement of Strategies
    1. Accelerating business growth by investing in human resources
    2. Renewing the internal information system to visualize management and improve business efficiency (strengthening digital infrastructure)

5.Quantitative Targets for Management Indicators

  • Maintaining a level of efficiency exceeding the capital cost and continuing to improve growth potential and profitability, with the goal of improving ROE over the medium to long term
  • Aiming to maintain stable shareholder returns over the long term while balancing profit growth and shareholder returns