Privacy Policy

In fulfilling its role as an entity that uses information transmission technology to provide a wide range of services to its customers, the company is extremely well aware of the importance of the information and data belonging to individuals and so it has established a policy for personal information as outlined below and implements this policy rigorously so that it is able to ensure that the security of all such information is thoroughly protected at all times.

1. The Collection and Use of Personal Information

In cases where, in the course of carrying out its business activities, the company collects personal information, it does so in such a way as to make clear the reason why the information is being collected. Moreover, in making use of personal information, the company takes appropriate measures to ensure that the use made of such information is strictly limited to the use specified in the reason as originally stated and defined for the collection of the information.

2. The Provision and Consignment to Third Parties of Personal Information

The company does not disclose or provide any of the personal information that it has collected to third parties without the prior approval of the individual in question. However, the following circumstances are excluded from this provision.

  • In cases where the company is obliged to do so by law
  • In cases where it is necessary for the protection of the life, health or property of a person or persons and where it is difficult to obtain the permission of the customer in question
  • In cases where there is some particular necessity to promote the improvement of public health or the wholesome rearing of children and where it is difficult to obtain the permission of the customer in question
  • In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with national agencies, local public bodies or persons entrusted by such agencies or bodies in the execution of duties determined by law and where there is concern that obtaining the permission of the customer in question may impede the execution of the abovementioned duties determined by law
  • In cases where the handling of personal information is consigned within the limits of what is necessary to achieve the aims of collection and use
  • In cases where personal information is provided consequent upon the continuation of business activities resulting from a merger or any other cause

Moreover, in cases where the handling of personal information is consigned by the company to external parties as part of an outsourcing or subcontracting arrangement, such external parties shall be subject to and bound by contracts and other restrictions regarding the preservation of confidentiality and be obliged to ensure the protection of any such personal information by managing the handling and treatment of any such information in a suitable and appropriate manner.

3. Respecting the Rights of Individuals

The company respects the importance of information rights with regard to personal information and complies with requests from the owner of such information for the disclosure, correction, deletion and suspension of use of the information.


4. Maintaining Security and Accuracy

The company employs information security policies for the sake of preventing illegal access to, loss of, damage to, falsification or other misuse of personal information so that the security and accuracy of such personal information is maintained.


5. Compliance with Laws and Standards

In dealing with personal information, the company complies with the provisions and requirements of the ‘Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information′ and other related laws, regulations and ordinances governing this issue.


6. Establishment and Continuous Improvement of Compliance Programs

The company has established a compliance program related to the protection of personal information which it ensures is widely known and understood by all directors and employees and makes strenuous efforts to conduct a process of regular revision of and continuous improvement to this program.